About Fund Love


Fund Love was founded in 2015 by Diane Owens Zaccagnino. Diane passed away that same year after a nearly 6-year battle with brain cancer. Over the course of her life, Diane had taken a consistent interest in helping those in need, particularly young children and those afflicted with illness.

Before she died, Diane developed the blueprint for Fund Love, with a mission to spread love and help people live longer, healthier lives, including patients and families throughout the cancer community. She charged her husband, Michael, with the task of making the mission a reality. Diane was a businesswoman, ‘dream-catcher’, artist, community volunteer, cancer warrior, and most of all, a sister to anyone in need.

What Motivates Us

In the midst of COVID-19, the well-being of communities across the country is in severe jeopardy. Without targeted and coordinated investments in public health, prevention and wellness, and in programs that address health and social inequities, we will experience significant declines in quality of life and in life expectancy.


What We Do Today

Today, Fund Love supports individual and community health by addressing all determinants of health, with particular emphasis on high impact social factors.

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Why Fund Love


Health equity and favorable health outcomes depend on our ability to provide a full continuum of health services, with emphasis on non-clinical programs. Through our work, we are actively expanding the definition of health services to include services that support almost every aspect of life.

We are helping people live longer, healthier lives by:

  • Coordinating health services across many organizations, including health providers, schools, churches, and other community-based organizations, improving the care experience and health outcomes for those living and working in the community; and
  • Providing high-quality health services to address unmet needs and ensure that people have all of the support that they need, whether they are dealing with food or housing security, or selecting a physician or a hospital to help them get and stay well.