Our Values

Equity: We reject all forms of racism and discrimination and continuously work to fight for health equity, within and across all of the determinants of health.

Integrity: We are decent, fair, and truthful in conducting our business. We exhibit courage and diplomacy in stating our views. We use evidence and our experience to solve problems and develop solutions, ensuring that we can stand behind the advice we share without reservation. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say.

Teamwork:  We communicate effectively and apply our talents in service of our partners, clients, and teammates. We invite, develop, and promote one another’s ideas, as well as those of our clients and partners. We are committed to one another’s success and are accountable to one another and to our collective standards of excellence.

Results Orientation:  We keep the interests of our partners and clients first, working together to serve the community. We relentlessly prioritize our time and resources to achieve the greatest impact. We find joy in adapting and evolving with our partners and clients, navigating settings of complexity and ambiguity to achieve maximum sustainable results.

Humility:  We are proud of our achievements, seek and incorporate feedback, and are willing students in learning something new from others, as well as from our own mistakes. We work hard to balance pragmatism and innovation, with the goal of remaining relevant and useful to those whom we serve.

Please read the Fund Love Corporate Statement on Racism and Race Relations.