Cheryl D. Smith 

Cheryl is an integrative Pilates instructor and the Founder of GLE Pilates, aka Good Life Experience Pilates, based in New York. She utilizes her knowledge of Pilates, personal training, yoga, Tai Chi, Law of Attraction, meditation and nutrition to create a holistic approach to wellness. Fully dedicated to her members’ success, Cheryl tailors each session to the person’s specific fitness goals and level.

 Approach and Expertise: 

  • Total mind-body transformations via the promotion of good health, good fortune and well-being
  • Challenging and therapeutic sessions that leave members feeling empowered and amazing
  • Expertise in pre-natal and post-natal Pilates, senior fall prevention, and sports conditioning
  • Practice focus-areas including fitness, strength training, injury prevention and post rehabilitation, pelvic stability, anatomy and biomechanics


  • Roller skating, singing, gardening, the beach, traveling, hosting social gatherings and learning new things

Service Location:

  • Virtual (via phone, tablet, or computer)

Cheryl works alongside her clients, showing them what it means to live and experience the good life. Cheryl believes that choosing a path to good health and wellness is the key to living the good life. She promotes good health by developing needs-based programs for every client that include movement, healthy eating, and meditation to empower them to live their best life.

Founded in 2014, GLE Pilates embodies Cheryl’s philosophy and operates on three basic but essential principles: (1) provide all clients, regardless of age or gender identity, with safe, effective, and needs-based services; (2) deliver services in a safe and welcoming environment; and (3) provide excellent service, and cultivate long-standing relationships with each client; and (4) engage with the community, sharing tips and ideas, and participating in activities that enrich the neighborhoods it serves.

Today, GLE Pilates provides clients throughout NY with access to a wide-range of wellness services, through a combination of virtual and in-person sessions. It has two beautiful, well-equipped studios. One in Armonk featuring expansive outdoor training space, and its main facility in Mount Vernon, which is the first and only Pilates studio serving that community, making the Pilates Method accessible and popular for all, and breaking the stigma that Pilates is only for the wealthy.